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Dear Jennifer @ MDD,

I just wanted to take time to thank you for helping me change my health. Since starting this program, I have dropped four pant sizes and dropped three shirt sizes. I have lost close to 20 pounds since starting this program. I have lowered my blood pressure. I also want to thank Danny for providing this program for the employees. This is not a diet, it is a lifestyle change. 



The new year means a new or renewed opportunity to get healthier and usually happier by becoming smarter about your diet and general health. This is something, in these troubling times, that you can have some control over. You know, it seems to me, that we have been sandwiched between bad government and industry standards for food additives and preservatives (ie-salt,sugar,fat etc.etc) and the industry folks that actually profit from our medical miseries when we fail to take a pro-active or involved role in our health.exercise and diet can be molded to fit any set of needs.a company that offers assistance and advice to employees is a partnership we can all use and benefit from. I keep a journal to remind me that I can be responsible,successful and faithful to the plan. I dont feel like I'm depriving myself by passing up the wrong kind of nutrition. I like being a good example to the people I care about rather than an enabler for bad habits and poor health. I like being real. 

Donna Eldridge

Carpenter Industries, Inc.

I had been telling myself and my wife for several years that I needed to lose weight for my health. I just could not get the motivation to begin. When Danny offered the employees the opportunity to have sessions with a nutritionist, I gave it a try. Thanks to Jennifer I have been able to understand weight loss and healthy eating. Because of this and her advice, I have lost 19 pounds and am working towards losing more. I have improved my health and have more energy than I've had in years. I am very pleased with my progress and feel much better about my health. Thank you Jennifer Bean and Dennis

Rick Barnhardt

"When I was diagnosed with diabetes, I thought life was over. It was. But Judy has taught me that it can be better than ever. Armed with the knowledge that she shared with me, I have improved my eating habits and am losing weight. Her encouragement and positive outlook have spurred me on when I got discouraged. Judy is a true gem." 

"I wanted to tell you that coming to you was the best thing I've ever done. I've taken what you taught me and have just run with it. I've lost 16 pounds and feel awesome. I had my annual physical and labs drawn, and my doctor wrote all over the results saying excellent work, keep it up, etc. I'm still working out every day as usual ...I continue to tell friends, family, and strangers about you every day! Thank you again for making such a positive change in my life!"

Hi Jason, Again it was a pleasure seeing you and Judy again!  First of all please let Judy know how impressed and excited I am about the information she gave me and the personalized meal plans she came up with. I was so inquisitive and asking so many questions that I might not have conveyed how appreciative I was!  

Though I am not a food lover and was burned out with my most recent diet efforts-Judy came up with suggestions that were not only healthy, eclectic, exciting but also got me motivated again. I did not get out of work until almost 8:00 PM last evening but I did not go home until I shopped for the items on Judy's Menu Plan. Judy really listened to me and came up with economical foods that she knew I enjoyed with the ability to incorporate nontraditional protein alternatives into my diet as I had requested. Both my patients and I are very fortunate to have access to Judy's service (and yours also).
Doctor Lisa C. MD, Family Practice.​

I saw you 3 times back in the spring with a reference from my Doctor. Since January I have lost 23 pounds and Jim has lost 30!!! I am so pleased with the results. You have made a difference in my life. Thank you for your part in this success. 

I just want to let you know I did a very bold thing this past weekend. I cleaned out my clothes closet and got rid of the size 12's and 10's. I was on the verge of tears as I looked at the pile---not because the clothes were so great, but I have been here and done this before. I was never successful with maintenance in the past 

Then I remembered something very important---actually 2 important things: 

First---I have an urgent "why" referring to why I'm losing this weight and that is to avoid a terrible disease- --diabetes and all that goes with it. I'm looking at it as my life depending on this. 

Second---I have you to help me learn about maintenance and how to stay healthy. I'm so grateful for what I have learned so far, Judy. I wondered if I would ever learn about those carbs, but I find myself thinking carbs---a healthy amount. I believe maintenance is another chapter in this adventure you and I are on and I want it to be successful.

Since it will be 6 weeks til I see you, I just wanted to let you know before then. BTW---I just bought 2 pairs of SIZE 6 PANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have never worn that size ever in my life! 
See you next time!

​I wanted to give you the good news. Since following your eating plan and exercising, I have lost 16 lbs and my cholesterol (which is why I came to you) is within normal ranges now! When I started seeing you my weight was 167. Now I’m 151 and my doctor is very pleased because I’m losing weight through healthy eating and not by being on some unhealthy fad diet. Thanks!
- PM​

I lost 23 lbs. in 4 months, just by following the diet that my dietitian recommended. My A1C went from a 9.2 to a 5.6 in less than 3 months, with no medication. Thank You for all of your help at the My Diabetes Dietitian! You guys are great!! 
-Susan S.

Judy, just to let you know that all your "teachings" with me was not in vain. I just wanted you to know, after reading your newsletter and your message about using a food journal, that I started doing this on my own about a month ago and it has made all the difference in the world to me. It shows and reminds you every day and with each entry what you are doing and how many calories and carbs you are eating. It actually allows you to eat more. I have lost over 15 pounds in first month doing this. It makes me make better choices. And makes you not to cheat. It holds you accountable. No excuses when doing this.

I look forward to much more success ahead. But mainly due to your guidance and to food journaling. My wife reminds me often to "what Judy said". Good job with your work



Proud to say your are my nutritionist. Great article.  I've been eating like crazy over the Jewish holidays. Time to get back on track. See you next week.

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