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Don't Have Insurance Coverage for Nutritional Consults & Visits?

For those clients paying out-of-pocket or don’t have insurance coverage, our prices are listed below. 

  • $130 Initial Consultation (Individual)
  • ​$100 Personal Meal Plan appointment
  • $65  Future follow up appointments

MDD does not have any set schedules for follow up appointments. This is personal counseling and appointments are made on an as needed basis to meet the needs of the client.

If you have any questions please

call our office at

Insurance Coverage Statement:

All employer plans are different. Most plans cover our services. Call our office and we will help review your plan and answer the questions specific to your company's plan.

Does your Insurance Cover Nutritional Consultations & Visits?

Most insurance policies in the Carolinas are covered by insurance carriers listed below. Please see the table below for specific service eligibilities and coverages.

At MDD we are committed to our clients. We are currently "In-Network" with many major insurance providers and here are a few examples:

  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield:
    • Grandfathered Plans: Limit of 6 free sessions per benefit period.
    • New (Non-Grandfathered) Plans: Free, unlimited sessions. It’s the member’s responsibility to know which plan they’re on. Call us if you have any questions; We’re happy to help. )
  • Medicare
  • Aetna
  • Cigna
  • Humana
  • United Health Care

For important information about unpaid claims regarding services from MDD, please review this document for more information.

Employer Specific /Insurance Coverage plans:
Service Eligibilities and Coverage*:
Aetna Insurance
Most plans cover 10 visits per year; Some plans have a co-pay, others do not.
Blue Cross/Blue Shield Insurance
Most plans cover free and unlimited sessions with a Dietitian. However, some plans only cover 6 total visits per year.
Blue Cross/Blue Shield Insurance
Federal Employees
Free-Unlimited sessions w/ a Dietitian. The feds want and need you to be healthy and BCBSNC is with you!
Blue Cross/Blue Shield Insurance
State Employees (Teachers! Anyone who works for NC State and has BCBS NC State health plan)
Those w/ diabetes get six free (100%) visits per benefit period.  All others (non-diabetic) get 4 visits and are charged their primary copay.
Most plans cover 3 visits per year; Some plans have a co-pay whereas some plans do not.
Most plans have 100% coverage, however refer to your policy for more details.
Medicare has very specific covereages. Please call MDD for details regarding your Medicare coverages.
United Health Care
Coverage varies depending upon the employee's group policy. MDD insurance disclosure is mandatory for UHC insureds as well as required credit card on file (6 months) for potential future disbursement issues.

* Very Important -- Please remember that: Quoted Benefits are not a guarantee of Payment. Decisions about payments will be made when the claim is reviewed.

Due to this Insurance Company Policy: MDD reserves the right to bill and collect any and all payments that are due to MDD that your insurance company does not reimburse. We ask that our clients acknowledge and respect this policy.