Eat This Not That: Charlotte Edition

Eating out can be tough when you're trying to maintain your weight or health. This presentation considers the best and worst choices in the Charlotte area dining establishments and discusses what influences our eating behaviors when dining out.​

Reasons to Consider Corporate Wellness

There are many ways your employees' health impacts your business. 

Healthier employees are more likely to:

  • Be present at work more consistently
  • Have more focus and be more efficient
  • Be more productive energetic

Unhealthy employees are more likely to:

  • Get hurt or injured on the job
  • Miss scheduled work more often due to illness or health-related issues
  • Be less productive

Improve Your Employees' Health With
​On-site Corporate Wellness

We assume you've reached this page because your place of employment or your business is interested in becoming a part of our Corporate Wellness program. Personal nutrition counseling for your employees is an excellent means of improving your employees' health.  The only question is-- your office or ours?


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MDD contracts with state licensed and fully insured Registered Dietitians. MDD is a private practice, medical specialist office.

Our Goal is improving the health of your employees!  We teach a long term, lifestyle, educated approach to each individual's personal needs.

Want to Improve Your Employees' Health?

We are glad you are interested in bringing the convenience of an on-site dietitian to your workforce, making it much easier for them to gain the nutritional knowledge and expertise they need to become healthier and more productive in their positions.  If you would like to be contacted about our Corporate Wellness program, please feel free to either call us or use our online form to request more information.

Insurance Coverage Statement:

All employer plans are different. Most plans cover our services. Call our office and we will help review your plan and answer the questions specific to your company's plan.

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