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Nutrition Therapy Provides A Positive Return On Investment

  • Healthy employees are nearly 3 times more productive than employees with   poor health (Medicare report).
  • Employees with poor health take 9 times more sick leave than their healthier colleagues (Medicare report).
  • Nutrition and lifestyle factors directly influence health. Improving the well being of your employees. 

At My Diabetes Dietitian, we believe Corporate Wellness is the essential practice of employers providing beneficial coverage via insurance to their employees, who in turn are able to take advantage of the services we offer at little or no charge to them.  Since the coverage is supplied by the insurance policy, the employee is able to take full advantage of getting the nutritional and diabetic counseling they need to improve their own personal well-being, and thus their performance at not only their job, but also their home life, family life, and social life.  

Good nutrition is vital to a person's overall health.  Knowing how to properly monitor your nutrition can result in better weight management, healthy glucose levels for diabetics, and a general sense of well-being overall, in addition to many other facets of life.  

By joining forces with businesses, we are able to provide on-site visits from registered dietitians who can advise, counsel, and educate and inform their employees on meal planning, good cholesterols and bad, as well as which foods are best fitting for weight control and a healthy, nutritional diet.  We take pride in customizing a plan for each of our clients and make sure the plan meets their needs and lifestyle.

If your business or corporation has not yet joined with MDD to provide on-site visits from registered dietitians and you'd like to find out more information about it, please feel free to contact us and we'll see what we can do to get in touch with the right folks and make it happen!

My Diabetes Dietitian, inc Corporate Wellness

Our Corporate Wellness Program Focuses on Good Nutrition for Your Employees

​OnSite Dietitian available. We come to you!

​The nutritional health and well being of the individuals
working within a company are key to that company's
success. At MDD, Inc. we are as committed to the
nutritional health of your employees as you are to
the well being of your company. 

More and more businesses are becoming aware of
the fact that a healthy work environment can
improve productivity, decrease turnover and
absenteeism, and reduce health-care costs. 

Keep in mind your company does not have to have an
on-site employee medical clinic to utilize our services-
​We can still help your employees!

Take a look at just a few statistics below and remember- You worry about the health of your company and let MDD, Inc. worry about the nutritional health of your employees: 

Employer costs are skyrocketing!
According to the CDC:72 million plus adults are obese
1 in 2 adults have high blood pressure
2 in 3 adults have high cholesterol

​The Value of Registered Dietitians

Registered Dietitians are NUTRITION EXPERTS
RDs provide vital food and nutrition services, while promoting health and well‐being to the public. RDs use their expertise to help individuals make unique, positive lifestyle changes. They work throughout the community in hospitals, private practice, physician offices, public health clinics,nursing homes, fitness centers, worksite wellness programs, schools and other locations.

RDs provide care by applying the American Dietetic Association’s Evidence‐based Nutrition Practice Guidelines. The Guidelines illustrate best practice for MNT related to specific diseases or conditions to achieve positive outcomes.

RDs receive extensive training that combines academic preparation with hands‐on, practical patient experience. RDs must complete a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, participate in a practice program involving direct patient interaction and pass a national registration exam. Approximately 50% of RDs hold advanced degrees. RDs are also required to complete continuing professional education to maintain their credential.

RD Services are integral to the PATIENT CENTERED MEDICAL HOME
RDs work hand‐in‐hand with referring providers and multidisciplinary health care team members to deliver care that is coordinated and cost‐effective. In addition to providing MNT, RDs address areas such as glucose monitoring and body composition analysis.

RDs Provide Better Health Outcomes
​The inclusion of nutrition interventions and counseling, when provided by a registered dietitian as part of a health care team, results in significant improvements in weight and BMI, A1C, blood pressure and serum lipids.Insurance Coverage Statement:All employer plans are different. Most plans cover our services. Call our office and we will help review your plan and answer the questions specific to your company's plan.

Insurance Coverage Statement:

All employer plans are different. Most plans cover our services. Call our office and we will help review your plan and answer the questions specific to your company's plan. For more information about our corporate wellness programs, please feel free to contact us.